Building the highest quality grain trailers, gravel trailers, oil trailers, deck trailers, and logging trailers. This includes end dumps, cross dumps, clam dumps, scissornecks, floats, pickers and more.

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From 9’ to 10’ wide, 40 Ton or 50 Ton, fixed roll or flip down beavertail system, low-pro necks, tandem and tri-drive necks, tri-drive and jeep flips, 52’ to 56’2” lengths…you name it, our Scissorneck trailers have it.  Years and years of customer feedback has given us the opportunity to build the best and most user friendly Scissorneck on the market.  Your feedback will help us develop the next industry changing option or model.  Visit your local dealer to view and discuss all of the great and numerous Doepker advantages and options on this trailer.

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