Trailer Craft Geocache Tour

This year has brought us a slew of uncertainties, but one thing we know for sure is that we live, work, and play in a beautiful state.  We encourage you to get out and play in the Alaskan wilderness this summer. Join us on the fun scavenger hunt; Geocaching! We have strategically placed geocaches across our state. Now the only questions are, which ones will you go out and find?

Win Fun Prizes!

Email us selfies along the way at to be entered to win (entries must be submitted by June). Don’t forget to tag @trailercraftofalaska on Facebook when you post your cache adventures on social media!



What is geocaching?

Geocaching is an outdoor recreational activity, in which participants use a GPS receiver or mobile device to hide and seek containers, called “geocaches” or “caches”, at specific locations marked by coordinates all over the world.

In layman’s terms; it’s a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game.


How do you geocache?

The easiest way to geocache is to download the popular Geocaching App on your phone. You can find this app by going to your app store and searching GEOCACHINGOnce you have the app downloaded, create a free account and start looking!

Otherwise, if you have a GPS – below are the coordinates to our cache!


Where are TrailerCraft’s geocaches?

Once you create an account, friend us – TrailerCraftofAlaska
You will be able to see all of the caches we’ve hidden on the app from our account.

Otherwise, listed below are the direct coordinates to the caches we’ve placed!

Trailer Craft of Alaska – Cache Sites

Cache GC Number Cache Name Cache Coordinates General Location
TC001 GC8R8A4 Homebase Anchorage N 61° 08.234 W 149° 53.086 Anchorage
TC002 GC8TC14 Western Star N 64° 48.770 W 147° 45.984 Fairbanks
TC003 GC8RV9A Ptarmigan Creek N 65° 27.223 W 145° 30.456 Steese Highway
TC004 GC8TC1E Semi-Crazy N 65° 23.873 W 145° 58.343 Steese Highway
TC005 GC8RV9T Go Camping N 64° 03.200 W 145° 25.802 Delta
TC006 GC8T5WQ Hydration Station N 65° 55.182 W 149° 49.807 Yukon river
TC007 GC8RPXJ Freightliner Fever N 59° 38.282 W 151° 29.928 Homer
TC009 GC8RW0P Be A Little Boulder N 60° 52.262 W 149° 37.808 Hope
TC010 GC8RPZ5 Into The Wild N 63° 52.747 W 149° 15.728 Healy
TC011 GC8RQ6K River View N 62° 36.025 W 144° 38.525 Tok Cutoff
TC012 GC8RQCZ Horsetail N 60° 46.437 W 148° 40.377 Whittier
TC013 GC8RRKA Bus Stop N 61° 45.753 W 149° 27.987 Hatcher Pass
TC018 GC8TKK8 Rainbow N 60° 22.587 W 149° 41.796 Cooper Landing
TC019 GC8TWDG Get Your Butte Up & Cache! N 63° 14.222 W 147° 46.688 Denali Highway
TC020 GC8TDE5 You Moss Log This Cache N 60° 04.035 W 149° 26.505 Seward